Reflection of Final Project

My final website is a photography website used to showcase my photography. I did this because I am very big into photography and as I get more and more experience I would love to have somewhere to showcase it all. I liked this project because it was something I was interested in and had fun getting all the information. I also knew a lot of the information already which made it much easier to communicate my thoughts. Some difficulties I had was that I had trouble getting a design and color theme that I really liked. Another difficulty I had was trying to figure out the best way to showcase my photos. I could have just placed them in the container in a boring way but i wanted to do something more. I decided to do a revolving gallery so that I could show my coding abilities. Before this class I had no idea how to code or create websites at all. The closest I ever got to coding a website would be using Weebly for a school project, which I now know is not the same. I have very much enjoyed…

Reflection on my Bio-project

My bio-project was on Dwight Schrute from The Office, I enjoyed making this because Dwight my favorite character from one of my favorite shows. He has such a unique style that I knew it would make a hilarious and interesting project that people would enjoy. One thing I had to learn was how to create a style that flowed nicely and worked out for the web page. I had a little bit of difficulty trying to make each page unique but not stray from the overall design too much.

Leading Lines Homework Assignment

For this assignment, we experimented with leading lines. This assignment will definitely improve my photography skills because it will teach me to create more of a focus point. This will help me create a more sophisticated and complex portrait photo as well.
Leading lines pictures:

Rule of Thirds Homework Assignment

For this assignment we had to take many photos of an object and see how taking the photo using the rule of thirds helped create a more interesting photo. I learned a lot from this assignment and I know that this will help me further my photography skills.

Straight on picture:

Rule of thirds pictures:

Point of View Homework Assignment

For this assignment, I chose to take three pictures of the plant I have in my room. I chose this because it is a very cute plant and it is the first plant I've had for over a year without killing. For my first photo I took a very basic straight on shot, the second photo I decided to take one from an above angle, and the last photo I did was an in-between shot from a 45-degree angle.
Picture one-

Picture two-

Picture three-

Lesson Six

For lesson six we added text:
Original picture-

New picture-

Lesson Five

For lesson five we combined two photos to create one:
Original pictures-

New picture-